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"The Sierra de las Minas area is a complex mountain chain covering 242,642 hectares with an equally complex and rich biodiversity and microclimates. It is the habitat for 885 animal species including birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles; and the home of 63 permanent rivers. Oaks, pines, pinabete (Guatemalan firs) and many other species, plus fungi, bromeliads, orchids, etc.

Kalibus La Sierra begins its story several years prior to Sierra de las Minas becoming a reserve, specifically on July 3, 1982, and most of the coffee work is developed in the buffer zone. Kalibus participated actively in the first workshop for the development and management of the newly Sierra de las Minas Reserve promoted by Del Valle University of Guatemala. The coffee is selectively picked, washed with pure water from springs, and then it is processed in the wet mill of the farm. Many workers and their families benefit from the farm jobs. Sustainability and the respect for the ecosystem is strongly stressed in the farm management."

Farm Name: Kalibus-La Sierra
Farmer Name: Pompeyo Castillo Cerezo 
District: San Agustin/SanCristobal Acasaguastlán
Farm Size: 117.8 ha
Farm Elevation: 1676
Processing Method: Washed

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