Lot 765kexp7jv: Compañia Agricola Tierra Alta Adolfo Boppel Carrera Pacamara Washed

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"Finca Teanzul is located in the department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, with coordinates: 14 13 45.50 N 90 24 54.48W
Adolfo Boppel Carrera, Agronomist, has worked in coffee since 1975, leading different coffee companies and holding positions on the board of directors of Anacafe, Experimental Coffee Association and Ministry of Agriculture.
The farm has an area of ​​440 Mz (307 Ha) at a height between 5,600 and 4800 feet, with an area sown with coffee of 280Mz (195Ha) and an estimated 980,000 coffee plants of different varieties, for the upper part, Geisha , ET 47, Laurina, Yellow Bourbon and Pacamara, for the middle and lower part, Sarchimor T5296, Marseillaise, Tupi, Obata and a variety collection where five different F1 hybrids are counted.
For facilities, we have two wet mills, a commercial one to process high volumes and one dedicated exclusively to high quality microlots; both mills have a water treatment plant."

Farm Name: Compañia Agricola Tierra Alta
Farmer Name: Adolfo Boppel Carrera
District: Barberena
Farm Size: 307.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1589
Processing Method: Washed

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