Lot y7kdmd3v6: La Perla Edgar Rubén Santiago López Caturra Washed

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"Finca La Perla, nestled in the thousand-year-old mountains of the Department of El Quiché, is a place of fertile land and majestic beauty. The Arenas Family arrived with determination and unbreakable spirit to this place, and took root in this indomitable land. Such was the formation of Café La Perla, an internationally renowned estate from the heart of the Ixil Triangle in the mystical mountains of Quiché.

Known best for its exquisite aroma, flavor, cup, and careful affection put in its cultivation, it has won international awards and recognitions (Cup of Excellence), and has become recognized as one of the best coffees in the world. We hope you enjoy Café La Perla, for it is the harvest of sacrifices from those who dared to believe in a dream ... The Café de La Paz. "

Farm Name: La Perla
Farmer Name: Edgar Rubén Santiago López
District: Chajul
Farm Size: 180.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1400
Processing Method: Washed

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