Lot 2xwrrjpwm: La Bella Maria Elizabeth Ortega De Engelhardt  Villa Sarchi Washed

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"Growing coffee is an art that requires skill, dedication and time.

Finca la bella is located in a tropical humid subtropical forest climate in the heart of sierra de las minas.
Its quality is closely linked to its location, terroir, varieties, sustainable management and manufacturing.
It is a family farm that for four generations has transmitted their skills and knowledge, in the art of planting, developing, collecting and processing coffee.
The location, altitude, processes, sustainable management, and above all the passion and love of coffee, directly influence the taste of the body, aroma, acidity and sweetness in the coffee cup.
Perfection is a pursuit the different generations of the beautiful farm have maintained over the years."

Farm Name: Finca la Bella
Farmer Name: Maria Elizabeth Ortega De Engelhardt 
District: San Agustín A.C.
Farm Size: 85.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1473
Processing Method: Washed

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